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UNDERGO A PRE-LISTING INSPECTION Ordering your own pre-listing inspection shows buyers that you’re committed to a transparent transaction. In most cases it’s better to know about and address issues upfront than find out later, when it can cost you more in the form of concessions, a delayed closing or… Read More

REGRET #1: SPENDING MORE THAN NECESSARY No one wants to overpay for their homepurchase, but research suggests that buyers in major metro areas lose an average of $63,151 over the life of their loan just by picking the first mortgage they’re offered.3 It’s worth your time toshop… Read More

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1. TAP YOUR NETWORK FOR HELP WITH FUNDING Another established method for affording a first home is to lean on family or friends for financial help. according to a recent YouGov poll, more than a third of homeowners (and a whopping 79% of those under 30) received financial help… Read More

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