Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Funds Diamond Homes 2017

Hurricane Harvey Real Estate fundamentals

As many of you know Hurricane Harvey was one of the largest disasters to hit the Gulf Coast in quiet some time. Chances are you felt the effects of it in one form or fashion, but what did it do to our Real Estate Industry?

Hurricane Harvey Real Estate

You will notice an increase in home sales of 37% year over year from when Harvey hit our area. This is the true measure of how this storm changed our market. Many people are still not back in their homes. We continue to see a bounce back from the disaster though which proves our strong economy will prevail.

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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Funds

This page will give you information about Hurricane Harvey and where to get much needed Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Funds.

Hurricane Harvey Statistics

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th as a category 4 Hurricane. The hurricane traveled approximately 3,100 miles before hitting the Texas coastline with 130 mile sustained winds.

Hurricane Harvey would continue to dump rainfall on Texas cities for six days. The total estimate rainfall is 50 inches. The average rainfall in Texas for an entire year is 49 inches.

This left over 300,000 customers without electricity, 20,000 passengers stranded in the gulf, and a total estimated damage of $20 Billion just in Houston Texas.


The last category 4 hurricane to hit the US was hurricane Charley August 13th 2004. To put all this into perspective the last category hurricane to hit Texas was in 1961.

Coast Guard Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Funds Diamond Homes

Looking for Disaster Relief?

There are many national, state, and local organizations to help with everything from financial aid, healthcare, and rebuilding homes. As a real estate company located in The Woodlands, Spring & Conroe area we have access to additional relief funds to help our neighbors. The list below is just a few, but as this list grows we will update the information. If you know of a local organization you do not see here please let us know.

The Diamond Homes Realty Team is committed to helping our neighbors in need. We will be out in the Community & we have the resources available to help those in need. If you are in need of assistance please call, text or email us.

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